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Struga is the most attractive and a beautiful city located in the north  coast of lake Ohri.  The city lies in an altitude of 694m to 700m above the sea level. In Struga live near 20 000 inhabitants, and there are 6000 apartments.  The majority of population of Struga are  Albanians and they count to 60% of total population, and the others are Turkish 8%, Slavic 30%, and others 2%. The real figure of the Slavic inhabitants of 30% is 10% Slavic people who live in Struga and 20% of Slavic people who own apartments and houses in Struga, but they live in different cities. The government is counting the Slavic people two times in order to increase their population. Struga is surrounded with a chain of large villages or towns. The largest village or town is Veleshta. The main economical muscle of the city of Struga is tourism. The villager’s main industry is farming and some fisheries. Struga has plenty of hotels, restaurants, small business enterprises that offer variety of services to the visitors and to residents.

The flow of river, Drini i Zi (Black Drin), out of the lake Ohri is a  natural phenomenon which obsesses and ennobles the soul with the best feelings. The river gently flows through the city, on its way to the Adriatic, makes Struga a significant re creative touristic destination in Balkan Peninsula.


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