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Iliriapress is an independent and non profitable website. It provides information about the places where Albanian live. It invites everyone on the journey through gentle valleys, rolling and intimidating hills that give way to vast hardwood forests set amidst the rugged beauty of mountains an intriguing take a walk in the clouds an admiring breathtaking scenery. Listen for the whispers of the past as you poke around ancient Illyrian towns, a true ghost town.

Iliriapress is a website with no political  intention or purpose to trigger arguments for conquering the world. Iliriapress is an entertaining website that has no political affiliation to any political party in the world. Moreover, Iliriapress has no affiliation or any connection to military or paramilitary groups. Based on an insignia that we displayed in some pages of our website, many visitors have confused our website to be as the website of military or paramilitary group, “Albanian National Army” or “Armata Kombёtare Shqiptare.” The insignia shown to our website does not belong to this military or paramilitary group. The insignia shown in our website belong to a unit of Albanian Army that trained the Special Forces to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan under UN umbrella. It is almost the same insignia as the insignia of “Albanian National Army” or “Armata Kombёtare Shqiptare.” The difference is to the black eagle in the insignia. The black eagle in insignia belonging to “Albanian National Army” or “Armata Kombёtare Shqiptare” has blue dots on the eyes of the black double head eagle. The insignia shown in our website does not have blue dots on the eyes of the double head black eagle. Because Iliriapress does not have any affiliation or connection to any army and because of the confusion mentioned, we have decided to remove the insignia from our website.  This explanation is to the respond of “Responses to Information Requests (RIRs)” and “ Reponses aux Demandes D’information (RDI)”, and UNHCR “ Albanian National Army (Armata Kombetare Shqiptare, AKSH) operating in Kosovo.”

Albanian National Army (Armata Kombetare Shqiptare, AKSh) operating in Kosovo




The idea on Iliriapress was born in 1986 in Skopje, Macedonia. The aim was to create a weekly magazine in Albanian language that would provide information on the cities, places, and other. Because of political situation in 1986 that would imprison and politically persecute an Albanian very easy, the magazine idea was dropped off. In 1990, the idea surfaced again. The political party having a large Albanian members, The Party for Democratic Prosperity, wanted somehow to have Iliriapress as their own voice. Due to the politics of the parties, we dropped and refused to incorporate Iliriapress to deal with politics.  In 1996, the idea surfaced again. We did several web pages with no importance. In 1999, Iliriapress was launched as a pilot project. The ongoing process and hard work for more than ten years proved to be unsuccessful. The pilot project failed. We were expecting to have a large Albanian visitor, but we got mostly visitors from English speaking world. Iliriapress may go fully online with different means and information.  

Iliriapress based on tourism policies describes the cities mostly in Balkan Peninsula where Albanian people live.  We try to entertain and invite the people to visit all those beautiful places based on entertainment, adventure and lovely tourism. The information pertains to the city’s history, population, geography and other. It is hard and difficult to face information counting more than 500 pages into one page. Which information is more valuable than the other?  The most difficult information is the population of that city. As the time passes by, the population changes in the city.  Sometimes it grows and sometimes it decreases. For example: the city of Prishtina had around 300 000 citizens in 1999. Today the same city hosts near or more than 500 000 people. The information we have obtained through many government and non government sources that were involved in the process of population census. In 1999, the web sites of the cities made by variety of non Albanian agencies supported by the government were not showing at all the number of the Albanian population. For example, city of Kumanova , Prishtina, Tetova, and other cities where Albanian population is high, the websites were showing  no Albanian population. It was bias and untrue story published in websites. The reality is different. We contacted the local government and individuals that were making up the local government. Almost, every political parties that were in the power we were always in contact. This process was costly. The exact number of population of any city is hard to know due to many reasons.  The truthfulness of the figure of the population in the city we relied on the local government sources that provided us with the information. The aim of Iliriapress was not to dismiss governments' websites but be more accurate and show far better information for those cities than any other website. Nevertheless we are trying to describe the cities as much as we can with proved or researched information.

Iliriapress welcomes any visitor. Iliriapress welcomes any visitor to navigatation on scenic views rich with history and adventure. From historic and archaeological ancient cities, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thrilling blue water rivers, fascinating caves to breathtaking landscapes, and one will always discover something exciting to experience. We invite you to visit all those beautiful places; an invitation to a journey of adventure, thrilling enjoyment, and exploration that will remain forever in your heart.

“The more I see the less I know for sure... There's nothing you can know that isn't known... Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one.”(John Lennon)

Thank you for your visit and Welcome Again